Kit PangKit Pang, CC: “Story Listening – How to Draw Out the Stories of Others”

In a world where we often focus too much of our time on ourselves and our technology, have we forgotten the gift of human connection? While we discover ourselves, let’s not forget to discover the lives and stories of those around us. Do you listen well to those around you? If we don’t learn to listen well, we will lose the most valuable connections around us.



 20170323_131048Danna Baida, ACS, ALS and Deb Elbaum, CC, ALB: “Harnessing Your Stories to Grow Your Career”

In this interactive session, the speakers will share their career stories and participants will learn how to harness their own stories and skills they have gained through Toastmasters skills for professional growth.


Laura CicconeLaura Ciccone: “Once Upon a PowerPoint Dreary”

A picture can be worth 1,000 words, for better or for worse. When using PowerPoint to accompany your story, you are telling the audience a little bit about yourself: Are you hip or old-fashioned? Organized or disjointed? Whether we like it or not, the choice to incorporate PowerPoint sets the tone of our speech. One of the most effective ways to get your point across is by telling a compelling story, so make sure your slides help get your point across and not turn your audience off! You’ll learn some do’s and don’ts of slide design, a few tips and tricks to make using PowerPoint easier, and then we will apply the newly learned principles to update a few examples.


Jesse Welty, CC, ALB: “Firestarter: Fuel for Prolific Storytelling”Jesse Welty

Have you found yourself staring down a blank page as your speech date looms? Worse, are you not planning speeches (and consequently not reaching your Toastmasters potential) because you can’t settle on a good topic? Great storytelling starts with an idea: the spark for your speech. Grab a pen or pencil and join Jesse and your peers for this interactive workshop. Together we will discuss why we get blocked and what to do about it, explore tips for tapping into our innate creativity, and walk away with tools to match inspiration to the perfect speech project. You are sure to leave fired up for your next speaking success!


Sean HeadshotSean DaSilva, ACS, ALB: “The Next Level: Advanced Clubs”

Do you want to take your communication and leadership skills to the next level?  Do you want more opportunities to speak and for longer period of time.  Do you want to be mentored by seriously experienced Toastmasters?  Do you want more feedback than a standard evaluation can provide? If you have said yes to any of these questions, you need to come to this session regarding Advanced Clubs.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear from a panel of Club Presidents from the top Advanced Clubs in the District.  These panelist will share their experience, why they joined an Advanced Club, and the benefits to you.
  • We will demonstrate on of the best reasons to join an Advanced Club the group evaluation.
  • Question and answers with the panel. Get your questions answered about Advanced Clubs.

The moderator will be Sean DaSilva (District 31 Advanced Club Advocate)

Ruth Levitsky, ACG, ALB: “Pathways”Ruth Pathways
Get ready for the new Toastmasters Program, “Pathways“. Whether you are brand new member or have completed several educational levels, you’ll find out how much more there is to learn. Join our “Pathways Ambassadors” for a breathtaking tour!

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