Michael Moore

Title: The Pathways Transition: New Paths for Toastmasters

Breakout description: Toastmasters is introducing a new education program, called Pathways. District 31 is transitioning to this new program in May 2018. In this presentation, Michael will provide an overview of Pathways, describe how it affects the Distinguished Club Program and the path to Distinguished Toastmaster, and how clubs can support both old and new education programs through 2018–2020. He will also provide a vision for Pathways transition meetings, where members can take their first steps on new paths for Toastmasters.

Bio: Michael is a new Pathways Ambassador, former Area Director, and frequent speech contestant, as well as a librarian and father.


Kelly McCormack

Title: The Zone

Breakout description: Kelly has redefined leadership as “the power to create.” Leaders need to know where their power comes from and where it can hide. Each leader who attends this session will find answers to the following: What is the comfort zone? Why is it dangerous to leave the comfort zone without understanding what is beyond it? How does the nervous system keep leaders from creating what they are capable of? And what is “the zone”? How do we find it and stay in it? How do we supercharge our ability to create? Kelly will help you learn how to be incredibly productive and successful while fulfilling your creative potential. Sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself.

Bio: Kelly has worked with leaders for more than 30 years. Her Creating a Leader series captures solutions found in her decades of intensive personal and professional research and experiences. She offers practical solutions to increase the power leaders have to create. She is an expert in Human Development Technology, specializing in the Ultra-High Performance State of Flow. Like all of us, she is a human-in-training.


Cherylle Garnes and Janet Johnson

Title: Releasing Your Creativity Through the 7 Intelligences

Course description: There are more intelligences then the two covered in the SAT. In this interactive session we will connect the 7 Intelligences of Dr. Howard Gardner with your creativity. Come discover your dominant creative intelligence, and learn how to embrace it and apply it to your everyday life.

Bio: Cherylle Garnes believes that everyone is creative. Creativity is expressed in many ways. As a Past District Governor she has learned to encourage others to speak and lead with confidence. She is the Director of Training at Creativity Integrators, which focuses on assisting others to develop their creative mindset.

Janet Johnson, ATM, past Division E Governor, completed an Innovation Fellowship from the Art of Science Learning in Worcester, MA. She is the editor of Creativity — It’s All in Your Head, a publication of Creativity Integrators. She is an entrepreneur at Thrive Now Ninja.


Debbie Lyn Toomey

Title: Perfect is Out. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. is In: Learn How to Be Dynamic Both On and Off the Stage

Course description: Perfect is out, awesome is in. If you are tired of trying to be perfect and ready to just feel awesome, then attend Debbie Lyn Toomey’s presentation, Perfect is Out. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. is In. She will share with you 7 pillars that will help you unleash the best version of yourself both on and off the stage. The pillars are based on the research-proven principles that she discusses in her new book, The Happiness Result, More Time, More Love, More Health, More Success. You will come away with a simple yet practical plan to help you take the next best steps towards living an awesome life and being a dynamic speaker.

Bio: Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, CIPP is an award-winning speaker, author, corporate trainer and coach. Debbie is the founder of Ultimate Healing Journey, LLC and believes in a holistic approach to optimal health and happiness. She trains companies and organizations how to use happiness and mindfulness skills to boost their positivity, performance and relationships. Debbie is the author of The Happiness Result, More Time, More Love, More Health, More Success. 7 Simple Techniques to Create Your A.W.E.S.O.M.E.™ Life, a transformative book that combines self-help, science and the power of intuition.


Gael O’Brien

Title: Navigating Change: Working Through Ambiguity to Build Trust

Breakout description: Continual change is the new norm affecting us at work, our personal lives and our organizations. As leaders, whether we have formal or earned authority, how do we support ourselves to lead through change and make it easier for others to follow? In this interactive session, Gael will discuss three steps to support our process: 1) recognizing and handling transitions; 2) an example of the role of values and purpose in response to change; and 3) creating an environment and connection where community and trust can take hold. Takeaways from the session include: being on the lookout for “self-seal,” which resists uncertainty or seeing or accepting change; identifying the steps involved in William Bridges’ model of transition that take us from an ending through how to prepare for a new beginning; leadership examples of how values and purpose build resilience, engagement and community; and suggestions and discussion on how leaders can accelerate trust in times of change.

Bio: Gael O’Brien, an executive coach, consultant and presenter, works with leaders on areas key to their own development, as well as organizational culture, engagement, communication and strategic direction. A columnist for Business Ethics Magazine and The Week in Ethics, Gael created Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ethics Coach column. Passionate about how leaders can help organizations flourish and build extraordinary stakeholder relationships, she writes and speaks about purpose, leadership impact, building trust and corporate responsibility. Gael is a Kallman Executive Fellow, Hoffman Center for Business Ethics (Bentley University) and a Senior Fellow Social Innovation, Lewis Institute (Babson College).


Kit Pang

Title: Bare Your Soul – How To Captivate And Elevate Your Audience

Breakout description: If you want to create honest and authentic connections with your audiences, you must be willing to be vulnerable. But how can you bare your soul when you might feel a little hesitant about speaking on stage or being your true self in front of so many staring eyes? In this breakout session, learn how to be comfortable speaking while sharing stories, experiences and messages that really resonate within your heart. There is something more important than data or the countless hours you’ve spent to be perfect – it’s your raw, authentic self that you have to unleash. Come learn how you can maximize your chances to enthrall the audience by being your true confident self.

What You’ll Learn:
-The 5 rules of baring your soul in public speaking
-How to embrace the power of vulnerability in your public speaking
-Becoming confident, bold and audacious
-How to speak from the heart and make it interesting to your audience
-Facts you never knew about authenticity

Bio:  Kit Pang is a communication expert, keynote speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks, one of Boston’s leading professional development organizations that provides training in communication, leadership and business skills. He is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. Kit’s seminars and talks have been credited as super fun, engaging, soul-searching and insightful. His happy clients include individuals from organizations such as Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, Harvard or MIT. @kitpangx | @boston_speaks

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