Kelly Swanson - Motivational Speaker

Kelly Swanson

Saturday Keynote:  You. Your Story. Make An Impact. Harnessing the power of story to connect, engage, and get results.

On Friday you heard Kelly’s personal story. Now hear the secret behind her success.  Kelly is confident that every achievement, every standing ovation, every big client, every success and opportunity in business, has been due to one skill – the ability to tell a good story.  In this program Kelly will share with you her journey through story, how she learned its power, how she learned to connect and engage with an audience, and the three critical stories we should all be telling no matter what your audience. Walk away with an entirely new perspective on story and how to use it as a tool in your business, no matter what your job or industry.

Saturday Workshop – Story Deep Dive with Kelly Swanson

Now let’s dive deeper into story and learn the secrets to telling stories that have more impact and power, and win competitions! The workshop will focus on the script of the story as well as the delivery of the story. Walk away with tips you can use on Monday and wow your club.

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