Tall Tales Contest

Since the beginning of January speech competitions have been going on all throughout the District, from Club to Area to Division, we have our final 9 remaining speech competitors set to compete at the Tall Tales Speech Contest. Come join us, Friday, May 3, 2024 at the Westin in Waltham for our Districts Tall Tales Speech Contest. Which of our competitors will come out on top as victors of the Tall Tales Speech Contest.

It is free to attend in person, in order to have a proper head count please register here.

Our final speech competitors are as following for each Division.


District 31 Tall Tales Contest Finalists

Division A Cecily Szadry

Division B Jagdish Bakshi

Division C Gina Salcedo Lannin

Division D Daniel Strick

Division E Peter Swan

Division F Maryann Murphy

Division G Todd Adams

Division H Eva Strauss

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